About the Art

My paintings are designed to be physically accurate depictions of the beautiful animals that are their subjects, but I also like to highlight features like the animal’s eyes, colouring or the lighting on them to enhance their natural beauty and mesmerising quality.

This draws your attention to their faces beyond that first look.

This draws you into their eyes and their faces on a deeper level, drawing a level of connection to the animal’s character and soul that can rarely be caught in even a photograph.

For true animal lovers this can be a gift that can captivate you time and time again as you look into the painting.

These are the animals that we love and have lived, or grown up, with seeing on TV as David Attenborough describes their incredible lives.
This immersion into the natural world adds value and respect into our lives and that is why I find painting animals, and creating that connection to other living animals (or people), to be so valuable and important in the world today.

My paintings will grow in number to include animals from around the world, but as there are so many to choose from, I have chosen to start with an African wildlife collection. Many of my own favourite animals are from there and I could think of no better place to start the journey.

If you’d like to follow the journey, please join my mailing list, or follow along on Facebook or Instagram (links found at the bottom of the page) for regular updates on my artwork development.

View the African Wildlife Collection
  • Black and white dog pet portrait, realistic oil paint on canvas

    Pet portrait commissions


    “I asked for 2 paintings to be done as Christmas presents and Kristina was so helpful and made the process so easy! She asked exactly how I wanted them to turn out and nothing was too much trouble!

    The final pieces are absolutely stunning and everyone who has seen them cannot believe they are paintings and not photographs as they look so realistic! The prices were so reasonable too for how much effort you can see goes into these pieces!
    Would definitely recommend!”

    More Information on Pet Portraits 
  • Sleeping Hippos - A large oil painting on stretched canvas by Kristina Waddingham of K Wild Fine Art. Part of the African wildlife collection. Two hippos sleep peacefully together in the water.

    African wildlife portraiture

    My new series of oil portraits is focussing on African Wildlife.

    When I think of wild animals, my mind tends to jump to African species and I have an infinite love of the big cats (my favourite being the cheetah), so I wanted to start there by making a series of portraits of some of the species there.

    My collection is always expanding - If you have a favourite African animal you’d like to see me paint, get in touch by email or social media. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    African Wild Animal Paintings 
  • Beautifully bright prints of the African Wild Dog. Original artwork is an oil on canvas painting by Kristina Waddingham of K Wild Fine Art. A striking painting that captures the bright patterns and individual hairs of the African wild dog.


    I want my work to be available to everyone so I offer mounted prints of my original artworks.

    They mostly come in standard frame sizes so that you can easily find the perfect frame for them.

    If the print size or artwork you would like isn’t listed as an option, feel free to get in touch so I can help to create your perfect print.