Pet Portrait Commissions

As a mum, zoology graduate and lifelong pet owner, I understand the importance of our family and pets in our lives. I know that the tiniest detail can mean a painting captures our pets perfectly and so I will work with you and involve you in my painting process the whole way so that your painting turns out exactly as you would like it.

I am able to create portraits in a range of sizes, with those shown on this page ranging from A4 to A1 in size. The sizing will depend on the space you have available, how many pets you would like in the painting and how detailed you would like the portrait to be. I can work with you on this to work out the perfect size for your portrait.

I work in oil paint, acrylic paint and digitally to create my portraits. Any of these options are available to you to choose from. Each medium creates a different look to the final portrait so is a personal choice. I can advise you on this if you are unsure.



To start the process, I will need to see a good quality photo of your pet(s) and have a conversation about exactly how you would like your portrait to look.

If you don’t know what you would like exactly that’s absolutely fine, we can talk through the options and I will be happy to give my opinion on what might work best for your painting. 

Points to consider:

-what background would you like? 

(A plain colour can make your pet stand out in the painting and you can pick one that works well with your pets colouring, other paintings you have or the room’s decor, etc. Scenery might work well if you would like your pet to appear in its natural environment or in a favourite place.)

-Would you like collars or tack included in the painting or left out?

-How would you like your pet to be positioned?

-If there is more than one pet in the painting, would you like them arranged in a certain order?

-What are your pets stand out quirks or characteristics that you would like to see in the painting? Character makes the painting, so these extra details are really handy in creating a portrait that is true to your pet.


Once I begin painting, I will send you regular updates and photos of how it is going so that if you see something you’re not sure you like I can change it before the painting is finished.
I have found this works well with my previous commissions and by the time it is finished, the painting is exactly as my customers imagined, if not better.

If however you aren’t happy with something on the final painting, I am happy to make changes to the painting free of charge so that you are completely happy with your painting. (As a family person and animal lover, I understand how important the small things are so it is really important to me that I create a painting you love and will work with you to make sure this happens).

Once the painting is complete, I will take a final photo and make sure you are 100% happy with it. I will let it dry, package it safely and pop it in the post to you. 

Once your painting is with you, I would love to see any pictures of it hanging in its final home and maybe even with your pet! 


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